Tourists barred from visiting Lomanthang for a week

The Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) has barred tourists from visiting Lomanthang for at least a week.

ACAP Lomanthang Chief Santosh Sherchan informed that tourists have been barred from visiting the area for the time being citing safety reasons.

The area above Kagbeni is still covered with thick snow that may cause any tragic incident anytime, he added.

However, locals have dared coming to Lomanthang after the construction of a makeshift bridge over Kowang rivulet, Sherchan. "Though this is tourists season the dense snow blanketing the area has forced us to take the move for safety of visitors".

The snowfall continued for three days around a couple of months ago has caused a pile-up of snow in Kagbeni above area. Some seven tourists who were unable to return due to heavy snowfall in Lomanthang were rescued through helicopter a couple of weeks ago.

A big number of tourists from third countries come to visit Lomanthang to mug up beauty of peculiar terrain, historical palace, indigenous art and culture and natural landscape, according to ACAP sources.

Last year alone 4,100 tourists had visited Lomanthang. "Most of them are from third countries. Number of domestic tourists is nominal", said ACAP Mustang Chief Kuinkel.

Source: THT