Nilofar to have lesser impact in Nepal

Meteorologists have predicted that a tropical cyclone named Nilofar that originated in the Arabian Sea on Saturday will have lesser impact in Nepal compared to the previous Hudhud cyclone. However, they said that it would be wise not to continue trekking in western and central mountain regions from November 1 to 4.

The Hudhud cyclone had triggered blizzards that killed more than 40 people in western mountains of the country.

“However, as of now, it seems the Nilofar cyclone will not have severe impact in our country. Unlike Hudhud, the Nilofar cyclone may trigger average rainfall and snowfall,” said Shanti Kandel, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD). She said the effects of the cyclone will be largely felt in the western and central parts of the country.

“The remnants of the cyclone may affect western region of Nepal by November 1. The hills and Tarai region in the western and central regions may witness brief thundershowers while mountain areas of the regions may witness light snowfall,” added she.

According to MFD, the Nilofar cyclone will hit Nepal after November 1. Currently, the Nilofar cyclone hovers over Arabian Sea and it is expected to make landfall on coastal areas of North Gujarat and Pakistan by November 1.

Kandel said that the cyclone will have its affects till November 4.

However, she asked trekkers to hold back after November 1 till 4 as far as possible. “There will be snowfall in the mountain areas. So, it is better to hold back activities like trekking unless weather gets clear,” said she.

Source: Republica