TAAN to develop alternate route in Annapurna region

The Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) is all set to develop an alternate trekking route from Besi Sahar for the Annapurna trekking region.

According to trekking agencies‚ due to motorable roads to trekking destinations‚ most trekkers have cut short their length of stay‚ which normally used to be a minimum of 10 days previously.

“We have planned to develop an alternate trekking route from Besi Sahar which is not linked with motorable roads and trekkers will be able to enjoy their trek throughout the route‚” said president of TAAN Ramesh Dhamala.

“We have planned to develop a more sustainable route with proper infrastructure required for trekkers who want to trek within the Annapurna region‚” he said. According to Dhamala‚ the plan is in the preliminary stage.

“TAAN and Nepal Tourism Board will together discuss on the alternate route and soon come up with a proper plan‚” he said. Earlier‚ trekkers usually had a trekking itinerary of at least 10 days‚ but the length of both treks and stays has gone down due to motorable roads to the trekking destinations. According to trekking agencies‚ trekkers come here for adventure but motorable roads have had an adverse impact on adventure tourism.

The adventure and thrill that trekkers used to get is gradually decreasing due to disturbances caused by transport services in the trekking areas. Earlier‚ tourists had to trek to Muktinath Temple but now there are transportation services available.

TAAN said it will coordinate with local communities to explore new trekking routes for Humla and Upper Mustang. Transportation services have hurt the earnings of locals in trekking regions. The association is also planning to strictly monitor TIMS cards at various checkpoints.

“We are also in planning phase to check visa of the trekker while checking the TIMS card‚” said Dhamala‚ adding that the cross checking system will enhance security for trekkers.

Source: The Himalayan Times