Making a Difference


We take seriously our role as ‘guardians of the Himalaya’ so whilst contributing to the development of mountain adventure in Nepal, we are committed to protecting the environment that we work in and act as responsible tourism leaders. We ensure that all our treks cause minimal environmental impact, that we act respectfully towards the local culture and wherever possible make sure the local community shares the benefits of trekking and tourism. Our concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to our company’s professional activities and management. We contribute to economic, environmental and social progress with a view to achieving sustainable development, and to help our clients achieve responsible trips. Therefore, we follow and promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

We are committed to integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions. You can find a copy of our sustainability policy here.

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  • PLNN Hospital

    The Solar panels mounted on PLNN Hospital has enabled the facility to become energy independent. With the hospital’s own micro-hydro plant now combined with its solar unit, PLNN hospital is energy independent and no longer using the local Lukla grid. And the Lukla grid on which the hospital had also invested is able to serve the Lukla village without interruptions.
  • Climbing wall to exercise and to improve climbing skills

    Rock climbing is one of the best exercises to polish your climbing skills; it can be very helpful before heading to the mountains. Pasang Lhamu Climbing wall is open to everyone with a week-long climbing courses and private tuitions.
  • Working with local community

    Thamserku working with the Local community in the Tsum Valley, Exploration Trek
  • Locally grown organic vegetables

    Most of the vegetables you’ll eat at our YMH lodges are grown by us or our neighbors. This way you can enjoy seasonal organic vegetables while supporting the local community.
  • Economic benefit in the region

    We hire local guides to accompany you; this not only gives our clients deep insights and connections to the places they trek through, but also contributes towards employment and economic benefit in the region.
  • The Maiti Trek

    The Maiti Trek was born out of a dream to make a difference through adventure. On our first Maiti Trek, our chosen charity was Maiti Nepal – a local Nepalese charity that works tirelessly to eradicate the trafficking of women and children. Collectively, our guests raised funds to the amount of ,000 for Maiti Nepal to provide 500 children with clothing for the winter months.
  • Scholarship through Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Memorial College

    Children are the future of tomorrow and education plays a vital role in their growth. Thus, through Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Memorial College we offer various types of scholarships; Tendi Sherpa Educational Scholarship (5 hundred thousand endowment fund, the interest is also used to provide scholarships to many children), Scholarship to students from underprivileged communities, and disabled students, Pasang Lhamu Scholarship for the children of Everest summitters and many more.The college now offers intermediate and bachelor levels of studies in management, humanities and education. Besides, Thamserku also supports women skill training, health camp and provides various annual training and development programs.
  • Contribution to support the education of the children in the Upper Dolpo Region

    Thamserku is proud to support Binod Shahi Newa and his friends on his mission to educate the children in the upper Dolpo region. Each year the team makes a ten-day long journey from Kathmandu to Upper Dolpo and spends six months in the region isolated from the outside world, just to help children to get the education. 
  • Thamserku and Black Ice Himalaya: getting down on the glaciers!

    Climate change is happening. It’s changing places and lives around the world … some very close to us indeed. As Sherpa we consider ourselves guardians of our homeland, the Himalaya, the “abode of the snows”. Each season our groups and guidesbring back stories of unusual events in the mountains, on the glaciers and in our villages. At Thamserku we are concerned: we want to know more, to know the real storyabout what is happening to the glaciers and snows of the Himalaya; to find out what, if anything, we can do. More at >>
  • Promoting Adventure sports Tourism

    Every year Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation (PLMF) organizes the National open climbing competition with an objective to promote Adventure sports Tourism in Nepal. Thamserku not only supports the event with financial contribution but also assist in coordinating and managing the overall event.
  • Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation

    Our largest contribution goes to the Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation established in 1993. PLMF supports child education, vocational trainings for women, Lukla hospital, Tree plantation, Peak cleaning and pollution control and many others.
  • Trainings: Ensuring healthy and safe travel

    We ensure healthy and safe travel by providing all the necessarily trainings to our guides and leaders ~ that's why we are working with SNV HTTT project
  • Foundation Nicole Niquille Hospital Lukla

    Pasang Lhamu – Nicole Niquille Hospital,Lukla has remained a critical medical service provider for the region. It provides qualitative medical facilities to local community, trekkers and mountaineers and is well equipped with modern facilities. Lukla hospital is one of our major responsibilities towards the community especially in the health sector. The hospital is managed by Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Foundation (Nepal) with technical and financial support from the Foundation Nicole Niquille Hospital Lukla (Switzerland).